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Episode 12: News-Technology that will change the future

Description: Last Episode, Thomas Frey, Founder of DaVinci Institute, discussed  the eight technologies everyone should know. The DaVinci Institute founder calls these technologies the Disruptive 8. In this Episode: 00:00 Hypothetical future 3:38 Technologies that will change the next 50… Continue Reading →

Episode 11: Interview- Futurist Think Tank

Description: Thomas Frey, Founder of DaVinci Institute, discusses how future technologies will change our daily lives. In this Episode: 1:33 The inspiration behind DaVinci Institute 2:03 DaVinci Institute current projects 5:02 Future Inventions 8:28 How the DaVinci Institute stays up… Continue Reading →

Episode 10: 10 week anniversary and biomimicry examples

Description: Happy 10th episode! Let’s celebrate by sharing what we’ve learned, discussing our interview with the Biomimicry Institute, and by going over some examples of biomimicry. In this Episode: 2:42 What we’ve learned so far 5:45 Recap of interview with… Continue Reading →

How Customers Can Keep Restaurants Accountable to Being Sustainable According to Justin Cucci

Edible Beats’ owner Justin Cucci says running a sustainable restaurant is less about serving up a meal and more about the entire restaurant experience. Having been in the food industry for years, Justin knows that when it comes to  sustainability not… Continue Reading →

Four Takeaways From Our Conversation with Justin Cucci

In our interview with Chef and restaurant owner Justin Cucci, we talked about anything from avocados to retro popcorn ceilings. Although there were more than a few moments that really stood out to us, here are a few key takeaways… Continue Reading →

Extended Phone Interview with Edible Beats’ Justin Cucci

At From Blueprint to Solved, we are interested in creating different maps (blueprints). We believe in living a good life, without being a cost to the environment. To us, Edible Beats, a group of unique restaurants in the Denver area,… Continue Reading →

How to Build a Sustainable Resturant from the Ground Up According to Edible Beats’ Justin Cucci

  Edible Beats’ owner  has proven six times,  that running a sustainable restaurant is not only possible, it’s a responsibility to this planet. When Justin Cucci started out in the restaurant business, he didn’t know anybody who was interested in… Continue Reading →

Episode 9: Interview- Biomimicry Institute

Description: Megan Schuknecht, Director of Design Challenges at the Biomimicry Institute, defines biomimicry, and discusses her organization’s educational efforts. In this Episode: 2:25  Biomimicry Defined 4:36  Education within the Biomimicry  Institute 6:11 Why people aren’t using biomimicry 10:27 How to get people… Continue Reading →

Episode 8: News- Designing With Nature In Mind

Description: After speaking with Bumble Fumble’s founder, Danielle Bilot, we wanted to celebrate designs that honor nature. In this Episode: 1:47 Recap on episode 7 2:34 Recap on my experience with mindfulness apps 4:54 Top 5 lists: designs that keep… Continue Reading →

Episode 7: Interview- Parking Lots, Equality, & Bees

Description: When we first met Danielle Bilot, she had already started an initiative to implement  bee friendly planters in parking lots: The goal? Help bees navigate urban areas. Danielle Bilot, shares with us her discoveries after founding Bumble Fumble. NOTE:… Continue Reading →

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