When we first met Danielle Bilot, she had already started an initiative to implement  bee friendly planters in parking lots: The goal? Help bees navigate urban areas. Danielle Bilot, shares with us her discoveries after founding Bumble Fumble.

NOTE: the reference to planters in the beginning should instead be plantings.

In this Episode:

1:18 Bumble Fumble Inspiration

3:24 Roadblocks

5:27 Urban heat island effect & bees

9:00 How to improve landscape architecture

11:24 Danielle Bilot’s discovery

About Our Guest:

Danielle Bilot began her career as a landscape designer in 2011 through her groundbreaking research in urban pollinator systems. She has given presentations around the country, including TEDxMileHigh, and contributed to the White House Pollinator Action Plan. She currently runs her organization BumbleFumble out of Denver, CO with projects in multiple states. Her designs focus on the beauty of interactions among food, plants, and pollinators, and how we can solve global issues through small and large design interventions.


Bumble Fumble  Website

Bumble Fumble Twitter

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