Megan Schuknecht, Director of Design Challenges at the Biomimicry Institute, defines biomimicry, and discusses her organization’s educational efforts.

In this Episode:

2:25  Biomimicry Defined

4:36  Education within the Biomimicry  Institute

6:11 Why people aren’t using biomimicry

10:27 How to get people more interested in biomimicry

About Our Guest:

Megan Schuknecht, director of design challenges at the Biomimicry Institute, has spent the past 10 years bringing the fascinating and hopeful world of biomimicry to educators, students, and professionals around the world. She spent her youth exploring the forests, creeks, and hedgerows of Wisconsin, and her extreme curiosity, passion for the natural world, and love of education eventually led her to work for the Biomimicry Institute.Megan currently leads the Institute’s Biomimicry Global Design Challenge and Biomimicry Launchpad programs, develops biomimicry educational tools and courses, and teaches in the field whenever possible. Megan graduated from Grinnell College with a BA in biology and earned an MS in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana-Missoula. She served as a beekeeping extensionist in Paraguay with the U.S. Peace Corps and honed her Spanish language skills backpacking solo through South America.


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