Episode 15: Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Episode 15: Colorado Coalition for the Homeless


Cathy Alderman, the Vice President of Communication and Public Policy at Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, discusses the organization’s mission and the stigmatization of homelessness.

In this Episode:

3:12 Colorado Coalition for the Homeless’ mission & Cathy Alderman’s story

5:15 Why inequality exists

7:42 Most difficult part of Cathy’s work

10:10 Cathy’s everyday

11:09 Keeping level-headed

17:08 Colorado Coalition for the Homeless successes

19:05 Any holes in the system? Improvements?

22:05 What else should we address?

About Our Guest:

Offering more than ten years of public affairs experience including strategic public policy and advocacy, Cathy Alderman focuses on government relations, and collaboration with government and non-governmental entities. Currently she works with Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, but has also worked as a Medicaid and Women’s Rights advocate.


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Some of the causes of homelessness:

Cost of renting in Colorado “Out of Reach Report”

To make minimum wage, a renter must work 75 hours per week to afford a one bedroom apartment.

The criminalization of homelessness

There are 351 laws that make homelessness illegal in Denver. Of course you will be considered a criminal if you are out on the streets for more than a day because of these laws that make it illegal to not have a home.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

This study  scores the number of childhood trauma experiences that can lead to many issues later in life, i.e., alcoholism, drug use, etc.Living on the streets is an everyday trauma. “Trauma is often the cause, but always the result, of homelessness.”

Episode 15: Colorado Coalition for the Homeless:

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