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Meditation & Positivity Apps Review

I reviewed three different apps ( Bliss, Mood Meter, and Headspace) for four weeks. Here are my thoughts: Bliss Function: Ever use a positivity journal? Bliss embodies a daily journal in the form of an app. There’s a break down… Continue Reading →

Episode 6: News- Apps & Positive Emotion

Description: After brainstorming with Clear Lens Movement on positivity app ideas, we did some research on apps that were already out there. In this Episode: 1:39 Recap of our interview with Clear Lens Movement 2:40 Lauren’s brainstorming ideas 3:54 An… Continue Reading →

Episode 5: Brainstorming- Positivity, Mental Health, & Glasses

Description: Clear Lens Movement aims to spread positivity. We talked with its host, Anthony Buscaglia, about being present in the moment, mental health, and meditation. In this Episode: 1:31What is Clear Lens Movement? 3:20 My experience with the glasses 4:32… Continue Reading →

Episode 4: News- 2D Spaces Stand Up Against Sexual Harrasment

Description: With countless sexual harassment cases coming to light, we thought it was time to offer up 2D spaces as both a resource to victims & allies. In this Episode: 1:10 Recap brainstorming with In the Shoes Of 4:19 Sexual… Continue Reading →

Episode 3: Brainstorming- Redesigning Spaces to Combat Social Issues

Description: In The Shoes Of podcast, examines what it’s like to be another person. Its host, Jeremy Nickel, talks about the social issues that are heavy on his mind, brainstorms a way to fight sexual harassment, and discusses the difference… Continue Reading →

Beyond Gaming: Virtual Reality Revolutionizes Industry

Virtual Reality may not be able to create  physical spaces yet ( maybe Oculus will add in a special feature), but the user’s brain can blur the difference.  Not only is VR packing a punch in the gaming industry ( … Continue Reading →

Episode 2: News- Virtual Reality & Innovative Projects

Description: Last episode, we interviewed Variable Labs about their work with empathy & VR. This week we’ve complied a list of innovative VR projects, tips for creating your own VR space, and my ideas on future uses of VR. In… Continue Reading →

Episode 1: Soft Skills, Empathy, & Virtual Reality

Description: Dennis Bonilla, Variable Labs’ Chief Technology Officer, helps create virtual reality (VR) simulations to teach soft skills to Fortune 500 companies. Through different scenarios and empathy, users experience the consequences of their decisions. In this Episode: 0:46 -3:12 Variable… Continue Reading →

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